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Who's Afraid.png

Photo: Diethild Meier/Louise Dahl

Who's Afraid  2020


Who’s Afraid is a series of dances that contains and evokes the affects and imaginaries structured by colours as emotional, spiritual and physical matter. It opens to the potential of colour to propose particular kinds of moving that allows us to attend to the feminine, the vulgar, the infantile, the queer, the secondary… the historically marginalized or immaterial structures of feeling, body, senses, and environment that haunts our context, our embodiment and our dancing. Who’s Afraid rests on questions about the impact of colours on us as humans and our experience of the outside world. Colour is one of the first things we can differentiate, even before we can conceptualize identity or a symbolic order. At the same time, it serves as an organizational principle, shaping our social concepts and understandings of the world. Take for example the rich variety of experiences, cultural references and prejudices that hide in a colour like blue.

Choreography & Performance Ulrika Berg, Hana Erdman & Louise Dahl

Set/light design Jens Sethzman

Costume color design ALICE FINE

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee & Stockholm Stad.

Co-production Weld, MDT, Hallen, Ufer Studios (Berlin).

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