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365 Routines  2017

Video ’48

365 Routines is a year long choreography between two artists, exchanging daily movement phrases through short videos. The work culminates in a final 48 minute video whereby the 365 videos are edited together to form one long dance phrase. During the daily routines the artists engage in an imaginary space of belonging that is no longer physical or territorial. It is an emotional space, and an abstract space, but a space nonetheless of communal sharing and sheltering. The collection of videos originates at different locations around the world — from Taipei to Los Angeles, mapping the peaking pulse of contemporary workerism. It documents a desire to stay connected despite conditions of making and working. It’s a devotion to an ongoing practice and exchange, exposing the personal, the intimate and the private. Dancing the choreography was a way to keep alive the dialogue between two friends. A sense of remote togetherness unravels on screen, dancing becomes home for the two.

365 Routines Artists' Book here.

Stills from 365 Routines as cover art for the Innervisions label here.

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