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Moss Does it Better (An Eco-Feminist Meditation)  2022

2-channel video installation, color, sound, 18′

Film director Marta Popivoda and dramaturge Ana Vujanović in collaboration with choreographers and dancers Hana Erdman and Louise Dahl

"Moss Does It Better (An Eco-Feminist Meditation)... was filmed at the Orlången Nature Reserve in Sweden. The work stages Erdman and Dahl among the reserve’s nonhuman actors, in a setting where human bodies do not take center stage, but are on par with moss, stones, trees, and sunlight. Taking prompts from the natural attributes of moss—a rootless rhizoidal unicellular flora that embraces the element propitious for its development—the artists present and narrate the realm of the reserve as a complex web of interconnected living and breathing cognitive beings. The radical slowing down of movement and time embodies the refusal to comply with an anthropocentric perception of time, instead re-attuning human bodies to the experience of time according to the forest’s other protagonists. The installation is also an invitation to broaden perception—to discover details and ponder the multiple modes of being in the world, while its critical deceleration incarnates the anticapitalist principle of economic degrowth." Rasha Salti


image 1, 2, 3, 4 video still © Marta Popivoda/Ana Vujanović

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