Performance, 2015

I lay down, rest, nap, redress exhaustion and notice that these postures do not only soothe as I have recognized in myself, but shift my sense of what is gathered in that figure of a bounded individual and the way that individual being is gathered in a room with others. This shift opens space for a companionship with other beings, species, boundaries, and with the kinds of togetherness that make living possible. Animal Companion invites visitors to join these shifts while spending time in the exhibition space, personally accompanied by a companion or as witness to the atmospheres and intra-action made by proximity and attunement. Animal Companion uses choreography and image making to emphasize the values of relationality that are held in bodily conducts and their formations. It proposes a play of interspecies relations to explore a role of ‘animal’ as other-than-human embodiment; relational figures that accentuate touch, proximity, interior and telepathy. It co-creates repertoires that endure in presence, awareness and sympoiesis that may seem otherwise marginalized in public life.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 11.43.02.png

Photo: Diethild Meier / pictured: keyon gaskin and visitor