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What is a relation? Are they symmetrical or necessarily unbalanced? Can relations be fruitful even though communication seems impossible? Or can we learn from others - animals, things, spirits - through other means - intimacy, touch, entanglement, time or letting go. Mimicking and embodying the more-than-human; the animal, alien, ancestral, ghost, terrestrial, and oceanic, Companion is like an abstracted documentary––one without narrator or intention to teach. It is a journey into worlds that are hiding in plain sight, that cannot be seen but sensed, experienced but not named. A look at how dancing bodies can both ingrain into and alter an ecosystem, Companion is an emerging landscape of personalities, moods, sensitivities, and indifferences, becoming ever more enmeshed in questions concerning what it is to be human.​​

Concept Hana Lee Erdman

Choreography Hana Lee Erdman, Louise Dahl

Performance Ulrika Berg, Louise Dahl, Sunniva Vikør Egenes, Siriol Joyner,

Salka Ardal Rosengren, Jane Sievänen 

Light Design Jonatan Winbo

Costume Styling Elliott Marmouset 

Dramaturgy Andrew Hardwidge

Musical Composition Sophie Vitelli

Mentorship Chrysa Parkinson 

Co-production Hallen in Farsta, MDT 

Supported by The Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Stad

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