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S l o w d a n c e


Four dancers introduce scenes of slowness, sliding between gesture and stillness, dancing passing flow into form. The room makes visible the molecular vibrations between bodies, architecture and light, in a kaleidoscopic ecosystem of unfolding. Slow... to hear resonance in the friction between flesh and body, where flickering figures weave with color, air, heat and texture, where energy arranging material melts into an expanded now.


Concept & Choreography Hana Erdman & Louise Dahl

Performance Hana Erdman, Louise Dahl, Ulrika Berg, Lotta Dahl

Light concept Jonatan Winbo

Floor piece Marika Troili & Alice Fine

Dramaturgical advice Ana Vujanović

Costume Claudia Hill

Tea Pouring Ellie Erdman

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, MDT, Riksteatern, MARC.

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