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The Weather in the Room


Sounds from open windows and neighboring rooms fill an empty space as a single dancer slides between gesture and stillness. Leaving behind traces of forms and figures, the watery body explores the emotional, meditative and ambient effects of altered states of speed. We have zoomed into a point where fluctuating particles of color, light, texture and detail become visible, an experiment with planes of existence beyond the boundaries of contemporary personhood. Isolated from its causes and purposes in choreographic pasts and futures, this molecular thingness seems to unwrap at a level below action, utility, efficiency or (however abstract) causal unfolding.

Choreography Hana Erdman & Louise Dahl 

Performance Louise Dahl

Light Concept Jonatan Winbo 

Music Jassem Hindi

Sound design Hana Erdman & Jonatan Winbo 

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

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