Opening The Time


Opening the Time was a space for attending to issues of time and temporality in contemporary art, culture, and everyday life by offering an afternoon of activities that revolved around the collective slow experience. The theater was used as a space to facilitate transformation and restoration through connection and aesthetic experience, and to host conversations that address our systems of support and consolation at individual, community, and global levels.


Invited guests: Ana Vujanović, Lotta Dahl, Ellie Erdman, Marcus Doverund, SUN




AfterCare was an artist-led laboratory that explored the wider themes and concerns of care in contemporary performance. It was also a curatorial project which afforded an opportunity for gathering and meeting of local practitioners through inquiry into individual and collective artistic practices. The primary interest was to investigate the intersections of aesthetic practices of care and choreography/dance. 


Aftercare asked: what aesthetic principles and participatory interfaces do we as artists have a duty of care towards? How are striated disciplines or traditional art-forms supporting or diminishing the work we undertake as contemporary artists. And how does the experiential nature of performance and performance making contribute to an economy of care? What futuring are we responsible for?


Invited participants: Alice Chauchat, Stephanie Maher, Peter Pleyer, Jeroen Fabius, Maria Scaroni, Antonija Livingston, Mårten Spångberg, Jassem Hindi, Jupiter, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Xenia Dwertmann, Roni Katz, Lee Meier, Keyon Gaskin, Kasia Wolinski, Cathy Walsh, Louise Trueheart, Asaf Aharonson.


Animals, Objects, & Perversions


An evening of fruitful delights where hyper objects, interspecies interactions and conceptually slippery happenings collide with music and celebration. Invited guests and speakers presented artworks which offered an echo, different perspective or just friendship in order to discuss the perversions of culture, eroticising the object, and intimate companionship. This four day event was organized together with Sheena McGrandles, Asaf Aharonson, Ruairí Donovan, and Zinzi Buchanan.


Invited guests: Florian Feigl, Female Trouble, Rachael Dichter, Maya Weinburg, Jule Flierl, Keyon Gaskin, Alistar Watts, Evan Ekemark, Sophia New, Rachael Dichter, Maya Weinburg, Hörner/Antlfinger, and Salta