Originally from Northern California, I landed in Europe in 2008 and worked as a dancer before studying at the University of Art in Berlin. Since completing a masters degree at the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT) in 2013, I work as a freelance dancer and choreographer, and I've been a teacher and mentor in the dance departments at HZT in Berlin and at Stockholm University of the Arts. My work is presented internationally and spans a wide range of disciplines; namely dance, performance, social choreography, installation, video and sound. I’m interested in how art gets made, and how making art affects the people doing it. Central in my work is the notion of companionship as an orientation and organizing principle, with which I explore the connection between thought and movement as well as our relationship to community, environment, and more than human creatures. Above all I’m interested in the transformative potential of dance and art to shift perspective and illuminate that which is not always seen. 


I’m currently working on a group dance piece called Companion that will premiere in Stockholm this Spring. It is inspired by interspecies relationships and explores how embodied companionship triggers dance-specific imagination and ensemble dancing. Another project I recently completed, co-authored with Louise Dahl, is a series of five dance works with the overarching title SLOWDANCES. These dances explore altered states of speed through the emotional, meditative and ambient effects of bodies and landscapes. Last year we made the final two works in the series: The Weather In The Room, together with Jonatan Winbo, was presented at Tanzfabrik in Berlin, and Forests, Fields and Pastures, was presented at Cullberg Ballet’s outside performance festival in Sweden. I recently published an artist book called 365 Routines which is a document of a year-long exchange between myself and visual artist Nina Kurtela. As a dancer and collaborator I have toured extensively in Europe and North America with Isabelle Schad, Mårten Spångberg, Keith Hennessy and Cristina Caprioli.