Hana Lee Erdman is a US American artist based in Berlin and Stockholm working within the field of dance and choreography. Central in her work is the notion of companionship as an orientation and organizing principle, with which she explores movement, thought, energy, performativity, and our relationship to community, environment, and more than human creatures. She creates works across a wide range of kinds; namely dance, performance, social choreography, installation, video and sound. While working on the invisible, metaphysical, sensorial and transformative, her work creates spaces for public intimacy and sensitivity, and explores the practice of being together as a creative act in itself. Her work has been produced and presented internationally in galleries, museums, theaters, churches, workshops, national parks and publications. Together with Louise Dahl she is engaged in a long-term research and collaboration which has resulted in several dance creations. She is an educator and mentor, currently working at Stockholm University of the Arts. She has a Masters Degree in Dance/Authorship from the Higher Educational Center for Dance at the College of Fine Arts, Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin).